Who is a sales consultant?

Whatever business you do, there is marketing and sales department will be there, because sales is a broad term it varies according to each business. Every business aim is to make their sales high and to increase their turnover and profits. Sales consultant is a professional who gives ideas and strategies to improve the quality of your sales force.

Responsibilities of a sales consultant?

Sales consultant main responsibility is to make the sales force efficient by proper understanding of the product/services.

  • Sales Consultant must understand the product benefits and advantages and should prepare strategies according to it to the sales force and should be able to execute those strategies at right time.
  • Ensure the sales team force is positive and are geared up for the challenge.
  • Find out prospective customers/clients and new target segment and penetrate sales in that area.
  • Teach the sales force about converting leads to sales through good communication, follow-ups and positive attitude.
  • Take participation in trade shows, exhibitions, networking with local associations to promote the product.
  • Monitoring the situation of the market, ups and down, finding out the competitors , latest innovation of the products.
  • Complete understanding about the product and finding out how to market products for different segments.


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