Rose Jewellery is a brand new jewellery store which stands as a brand that ready to answer today’s jewellery challenge. The industry itself is getting tighter day by day, as a jewellery concept store, Rose Jewellery is able to understand customers needs. Carrying out the name of ‘Rose’, Rose Jewellery has the responsibility to make its presence just like Rose, well known and loved by everyone, especially women. Rose Jewellery delivers and provide a wide variation of best quality and up-to-date jewellery and also a comfortable shopping ambience to the customers.

We do provide well-experienced and well-trained sales consultants to identify any type of jewels. They trained to give excellence services to handle jewellery product in details.
With our variation range of high-quality products, excellence service and customer satisfaction guarantee, Rose Jewellery brings jewellery industry to the next level.

What Makes Us Different

Benefits & High Standards

More than just offering the high standard of work-ethic and professionalism), Rose Jewellery also offer its customer high quality jewelleries with International standard and up-to-date designs. Our jewelleries are created and produced by the best worldwide-known suppliers.

With our passion and creativity in jewellery, we designed and present some of our exclusive jewellery pieces. If you have your own preferable jewellery designs  please feel free to discuss with us to make your dream jewellery come true! We welcome you to inquire us any question you’d like to discuss, we will be delightfully answer your requests , please contact us here.



Jewellery is a fashion, its about something that comes from within you