A merchandiser needs to know what’s new on the market, what the customers will like and which products will make a profit.

Merchandising is about planning and developing a strategy to enable a company to sell a range of products that delivers sales and profit targets. A Merchandiser will work closely with a Buyer to ensure the product that’s bought will enable them to achieve the sales plan.

It’s often explained as getting the right merchandise, in the right place, at the right time, in the right quantities at the right price. Never just say this in response when someone asks you what merchandising is, as this doesn’t take into consideration all the planning and strategy that goes on prior to getting the stock into stores. You need to give a more considered answer and this will really pay off at interview.

It’s not all glamour and shopping as a merchandiser and no two days are ever the same. Your typical daily tasks are likely to include:

  • Visiting suppliers and manufacturers
  • Analysing sales information
  • Negotiating prices with suppliers
  • Ordering goods
  • Talking to other departments
  • Helping with promotions and advertising campaigns
  • Producing sales projections


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